Driving in today’s world can be a scary and dangerous endeavor. That’s why at Cenla Driving Academy we strive to develop safe driving habits in all of our students. We teach our students the skills they need to manage the world of today’s driver.


When Cenla Driving Academy was founded we wanted the best teachers available. Where better to start looking than at our local high schools. This started with the Owner/Instructor Wayne and Diane Berlin who have a total of over 30 years experience instructing Cenla’s drivers. Having taught at the local high schools for over 40 years they have grown to care about the community and the children that they have been a part of educating. This is why we continue to employ the best driving instructors the area has to offer.

Not only are all of our instructors fully certified and accredited driving instructors they are also teachers from local high schools. They maintain and participate in continuing education on the latest driving and accident avoidance techniques.

Cenla Driving Academy is the first privately owned driving school in Cenla. After teaching drivers education through the school system and the local YMCA for 14 years we saw that there was a better way of training both new and experienced drivers. This is when we founded Cenla Driving Academy in 1993. Since then we have provided drivers education for thousands of teenagers and adults.